Processed Product

1.   Herbal and medicinal products the essential oils from its medicinal and aromatic plants particularly chamomiles, menthe, lemongrass, Palmaroza and citronella are being produced.

2.      Agriculture Products

Ø  Tomato Items : Productions of tomato Ketchup ,Sauce as well as Puree and tomato seed particulars hybrid tomato will be produced in commercial scale

Ø  Ginger Items : Production of ginger candy ,powder ,oil, tonic, paste and  

Ø  Buckwheat Production: Production of buckwheat flour and noodle on trial basis will be produced.

Similarly, based on potentiality of domestic as well as international markets different products will be processed and supplied in accordance with size, volume, quality of the processed products and markets.

In additional to this ,services for cleaned ginger will be provide to ginger export by establishing cleaning centre with the minimum facilities in Sunauli nearby Custom Office of Nepal and Indian boarder .