1.      To add Value by processing different types and verities of non- timber forest product ,high value and exportable quality products including products based on geography potential  and comparative advantages in commercial scale .

2.      To make regular supply by doing grading ,packaging and processing  of the herbal and agriculture products in accordance with the domestic as well as international markets .

3.      To assist and provide technical and advisory service for the production of value added products from the residual material by doing research.

4.      To indicate and implement various activities /partnerships (PPP) concept for the joint venture investment the establishment of infrastructure facilities such as different types of market i.e. cold storage, slaughter house etc.

5.      To provide quality test services of food and food items by establishing well equipped laboratory in the company so that the consumers will get safe and quality food products.

6.      To determine the quality of uniform processed herbal and agricultural products with trade mark.

7.      To exchange /the work suitable technology and services of agri-business with domestic as well as international organization.